What is a place-based approach?
Place-based approaches are more collaborative and connected than traditional single issue approaches. Typically focusing on building on the strengths within a local community rather than weaknesses, they look to support a more holistic and joined-up way of working together to reduce inequalities in opportunity, resources and service provision to improve people’s lives. Listening, discovery and local knowledge are key.

This type of approach optimises available funding and resources for the parties involved, reduces duplication and promotes greater collaboration to bring a range of expertise to a given place to support the communities in achieving their potential.

How can I book my child onto a football course?
I'd like to work for OUitC - do you have any vacancies?
We would like to fundraise for OUitC - how do we do it?
How can our company help your charity?
There are a range of ways your company can help us, from partnering in the DIVERT programmme, offering resources for us to use for NCS, providing pro bono services or or by becoming a corporate partner.

For more details please contact us.


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