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Oxford United in the Community’s Premier League Primary Stars programme is the lead programme in the services we offer to primary schools across the whole of Oxfordshire.

Through this programme, we deliver a range of activities; the physical delivery of PE lessons within the National Curriculum, extra-curricular clubs, PSHE workshops, Literacy and Numeracy support, as well as assemblies focusing on values and behaviours in the playground.

The main aim of the Premier League Primary Stars is to inspire and educate primary school pupils across all areas of the curriculum whilst using the power of football. As well as going into schools to deliver PE lessons, our team focuses on up-skilling staff and class teachers to deliver high-quality PE. We offer a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programme as part of our delivery of the PE curriculum aimed at increasing the confidence and competence of primary school teachers when delivering PE as well as providing access to our lesson plans.

All Oxford United in the Community staff have completed – or are working towards the completion of – a Level 3 Certificate in Physical Education and School Sport. This qualification provides our coaches with the tools to be able to plan, prepare and deliver high-quality PE lessons in line with the National Curriculum, in addition to learning how to lead the up-skilling process with teachers.

As well as the physical side of the programme, we deliver PSHE workshops based around helping young people to develop key life skills such as resilience, self-esteem, values, inclusion, diversity, and teamwork. These workshops are designed to be interactive and football / sports-themed to engage participants as much as possible.

Linking into PSHE support, the Premier League Primary Stars programme incorporates an assembly. The four key values on which this assembly is based are “Be Connected”, “Be Inspired”, “Be Ambitious” and “Be Fair”. This can be tailor-made to meet the specific needs of a school.

We also provide Literacy and Numeracy support to schools. The Premier League Reading Stars programme, providing literacy support, is designed to use football themes to engage young people in reading and comprehension. To support numeracy, the programme uses football league tables, statistics, and pitch / positional dimensions to theme Mathematics work. Both the Reading Stars and the Numeracy elements are provided as a form of classroom support to supplement the progress made in a school’s National Curriculum-led English and Maths lessons.

Outside of school lesson times, Oxford United in the Community offers extra-curricular clubs in primary schools, in the form of breakfast or lunchtime clubs. Some extra-curricular clubs are football-specific and designed to develop the attendees’ ability and understanding of football. However, we also deliver many extra-curricular clubs that are not football-based. We provide multi-skills clubs – especially for Key Stage One – where children play various games that are designed to develop their ABCs. We also offer multi-sports clubs that include sports such as dodgeball, handball, tag rugby, cricket and rounders plus others.

To find out more about Premier League Primary Stars from OUitC please contact Premier League Primary Stars Manger, Cameron Hughes at [email protected]


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